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To register for one of the free webinars listed below, please visit learntolive.com/webinars and enter your access code: UMN. Learn to Live is available at no cost to all Student Services Fee-paying students at the University of Minnesota.

Managing Stress and Worry in Uncertain Times: Dr. Russ and the coaching team walk through several concepts and exercises specifically chosen to help you manage the increased emotional challenges many are facing during COVID-19. You will learn how to recognize different signs of stress and take immediate action to reduce negative emotions, restoring a feeling of calm and improved wellbeing.

Coping with Loss and Change During COVID-19: We all encounter loss in life. We lose friends, jobs, opportunities, and yes, loved ones. Grief is the process of working through our loss. That grief process may look different for different people, but there are still four main tasks associated with grief. Dr. Russ explains the four tasks of the grief process here and teaches us how to grieve well.

Time Management: Dr. Russ and the Clinical team explain time management, how we get off track, alternative approaches for success and practical tools for everyday life.

Building Resiliency: Dr. Russ and the Clinical team explain the mind-body connection, review how to improve your emotional resilience, and incorporate present awareness and mindfulness into your everyday life.

Assertiveness and Boundaries: (Dr. Russ and the Clinical team explain the four communication styles, how to become more assertive, defining healthy boundaries and discussing ways to build effective boundaries in everyday life.

Resisting the Pressure to be Perfect: Dr. Russ and the Clinical team explain perfectionism, what the pressure does to us, ways to think differently about high standards, and how to face fears of imperfection.

Mindful Eating: Our end of year webinar will center around mindful eating. In this webinar, we'll cover: how certain triggers can lead to mindless eating, what mindful eating can look like and its advantages, and the next steps for success. Join us for one of these live presentations to learn more!

Stress Management 101: Dr. Russ and the Clinical team explain what stress does to us, outline triggers, describe the warning signs of excess stress and discuss ways to help manage stress in everyday life.

Too Many Sheep to Sleep: Dr. Russ and the Clinical team explain poor sleep quality, highlight the negative impact of sleep problems, share some tools to help you sleep better and give you practical strategies you can try out tonight.

Tools to Help with Negative Thoughts in Tough DaysDr. Russ explains Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs), which are common thinking habits that trick us into worrying more than we need to. ANTs have the potential to create unnecessary stress and unhappiness. You will learn how to apply a research-based exercise that can help stop ANTs from taking hold, resulting in less worry, improved wellbeing and a better sense of control.

When Substance Use Becomes a Concern: Dr. Russ and the coaching team explore relationships individuals may have with substances and introduce options to help decrease use.

If you have any questions about Learn to Live or how to access webinars, please contact Counseling Services at UMC.  

Jodi Ramberg (rambe010@crk.umn.edu)

Christen Schoenborn (berge361@crk.umn.edu)

Thursday, April 22 at 8:00am

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